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herbs and spices


Ready for flavor you can feel good about? While some seasonings are packed with artificial fillers you can’t even pronounce, Captain Spice Co. is here to mix things up for the better. Our spice blends and BBQ rubs are made with all-natural ingredients for a fresh, healthy way to bring life to any dish!

As a family-owned business based in breathtaking Pismo Beach, California our company was founded by someone who knows a thing or two about cooking. Chef Chris Villarreal has professionally cooked a wide range of foods. From BBQ joints to working alongside classically French-trained chefs, hotel restaurants, and even small diners, this is not just some hobby project. Captain Spice Co. is a labor of love from a true master of his craft who understands flavor and the importance of quality.

Not only are these spices non-GMO and without harmful additives, but we also make sure to only grind our ingredients when absolutely necessary. Waiting until that perfect time right before blending ensures you get the optimal level of freshness and taste!

Next time you’re hosting an event, cooking for the family, or making your own fantastic meal, be sure to have The Captain of all spices on hand. We would love to see what you come up with, so follow us on social media and tag @captainspiceco to share your incredible creations with our community of food fans. Your food should be bursting with authentic flavors that you can actually feel good about.

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